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Bob Dylan. One of the most underrated players, but definitely a bonafide bluesman and one of the best. For me Bob Dylan was where it all began,. it's a good place to start, heaps of great melodies in all of Bob's songs

Little Walter Early pioneer of the amplified harp sound

Charlie Musselwhite Chicago blues legend..I think he played the cool harp riff on INXS's Suicide Blonde

Sonny Boy Williamson II One of the 'originals'

James Harman Smooth!

Paul De lay Great current day player from Chicago

Magic Dick. (J. Giels Band) plays a very mean harp. Muddy Waters comments about him are unprintable! (see the Rolling Stone book of quotes)

John Popper. (Blues Traveler)This guy is a freak! Extreme harp! Do not try this at home!

Sugar Blue ................Played with the Stones (the cool riff and great solo on 'Miss You'), Willie Dixon Band and has two great solo albums, In Your Eyes and Blue Blazes. A true harp hero!



James Cotton, Junior Wells, Sonny Terry, Jimmy Rogers, Johnny Mars, Carey Bell, Rick Estrin (from Little Charlie and the Night Cats), Kim Wilson (fromThe Fabulous Thunderbirds), Brendan Power, Lynwood Slim, Rod Piazza, Mojo Burford, Dave Gage, Brian Jones (founder of the Stones) and Mick Jagger (still rolling) plays awesome harp.


Vicki Simpson from The Waifs.(Australia) This girl is an absolute champion. She sings, dances, plays guitar, fantastic harmonica and melts the hearts of boys & girls everywhere she goes, which is everywhere. The Waifs are currently travelling the world playing you do.

. Zola Moon is a very sexy and vivacious singer.What a cool name huh? Not only does she sing her heart out but also plays the harmonica, writes all of her songs and performs with a very solid band.

Roxy Perry. New York Blues Queen. Check her website out.

Rochelle Raya Definitely worth a listen. This chick can really play harp.

Louise Hoffsten is one of Sweden's most successful female singer/songwriters and harmonica players. You can hear her work on MP3 from her site. She currently has 9 CD's available.

Geneva Red is one of the few female instrumentalists performing on the blues harp as well as leading her own band, The Roadsters. Red has just completed her second CD, IN THE RED and is gaining international acclaim for her harp playing, singing, and songwriting. She has also been endorsed by Hohner since 1998 and is featured on their site.

' Big Mama' Thornton, born in Montgomery, Alabama to a church minister and a gospel singer. Probably the best known harmonica-playing woman of them all. Also an amazing vocalist, she toured with Sammy Green's Hot Harlem Revue from 1941 to 1948.








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