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I've been completely surrounded by music since birth. I began playing harmonica when I was about 5 or 6 years old and guitar around 10. My father collected and played chromatic harmonicas which is how I became interested in the instrument. Growing up in the 1960's our house was full of music all the time. Bob Dylan was considered a God by my parents and older siblings so I was exposed to his sound at a very early impressionable age.This would explain a lifetime of being told "you sound like Dylan man". When not in Aussie Bob mode,I'm always busy being Adelaide's best and most experienced blues ( and slide ) guitar teachers and if you want to learn the harmonica, I am really, the only guy to see. I've been a solid part of the Adelaide music scene for more than 25 years, and as well as countless gigs,tours, recordings, TV & radio shows I've performed with Chris Jagger (yes, Mick's brother ) Stuart Day, Enrico Mick Morena, Fiona Patten, Ian Polly Politis and also Vernon Reid at the Adelaide Guitar Festival, Bernadette Peters at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival to name just a few. .

.I love music, both playing and teaching it. As a player I just give it all I got, then a bit more. As a teacher it's up to me to move and inspire students,which moves and inspires me so it works pretty well

Please contact me anytime about lessons or booking Aussie Bob or recording sessions or anything else you need directions for on your musical journey.


John Hastwell

Adelaide, South Australia.

M. 0408 673 873






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